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Meet Your Future Date with Circl.es

Meet Your Future Date with Circl.es


After hitting the mainstream, online dating has been part of the people’s collective Internet culture. However, the idea of meeting a stranger in person for the first time could make someone uneasy. Good thing, Justin Krause found a solution for this: Meeting the friends of your friends.

Know the Friends of Your Friends

Launched last April, Justin Krause created Circl.es to enable people meet the friends of their friends. Although many people could manage to do this without the aid of the Internet, this could be helpful for those who are having a hard time getting acquainted.

As posted on their homepage: “Circl.es is the simple, efficient, and non-sketchy way to find a date. It limits your exposure and tells you when you’ve seen it all.”

How Circl.es Work

Instead of letting users meet a stranger, Circl.es uses Facebook to find friends of their friends. It won’t ask for their hobbies or interests, as it will only assume that having a common friend with their immediate circle is enough.

This assumption makes sense, since it could mean that both parties could have something in common. After all, a relationship also requires two people to build and establish it together.

The website will present real public Facebook profiles of single people around the user’s vicinity. These are the same profiles that a person sees when he or she clicks on someone’s name on the social network. It will show other Facebook user’s real name, basic information, mutual friends and selected photos. As Krause told Mashable:

“Your real identity is on display. This is the anathema to many old-school online daters, but to the younger Facebook generation, using real identities just makes sense to reduce lying and cut through the crap—and seeing mutual friends, education, and the ways someone is expressing themselves to their friends is infinitely valuable when trying to judge dating potential. It really is a revolution in this one-sketchy corner of social media!”

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To find dates, they can simply choose other single users near their location. When other users reciprocate it, they can just send a Facebook message and meet at some place nearby. No need for an excessive exchange of messages, no need to be creepy, and no need to waste your time.

The integration of Facebook enables Circl.es to make sure that they only show legitimate profiles with real names and interests. It also simplifies the signing up process, which only takes up to two minutes.


Source: Circl.es Homepage

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