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Marketing is one of those things where it seems like everyone thinks they know how to do it. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people I talk to that are trying to become marketing consultants when they have no real experience. It doesn’t really matter who the person is, but everyone has an opinion when it comes to marketing, and it looks like VCs are no different. As David Hornik says

VCs like to think that they are marketing geniuses. We really do. We meddle more in the marketing of our portfolio companies than any other area…

…The CFO gives a finance update and a few cursory questions are asked. The VP of Engineering talks about development and board members sit around the table nodding appreciatively. Then the VP of Marketing gets up and suddenly everyone around the table has a point of view.

I can’t really blame people though; from the outside marketing appears like something any Joe Schmoe can do. But like cooking, marketing is all about mixing the right ingredients together to make something taste good. Everyone knows the ingredients, but it’s up to the chef to choose and mix the right ones that will tickle people’s taste buds.

Cameron Olthuis

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  • soxiam

    You can also play the same game by replacing “marketing” with “creative” or “design”. Same results.

  • Michael Phipps

    Soxiam: I actually think creative / design gets more opinions, as many people have different ideas of what looks good.
    I was listening to a professional salesman speaking to one of my clients about the performance of one of the sales guys out in the wild. It really blew me away some of the really important things that I didn’t think were important at all.

  • David Dalka

    This is very true.
    The investment community seems to be favoring things like the 63rd Youtube over business models with complex, new and revolutionary revenue ideas. It is most unfortunate as some of the best ideas go untouched, while herds chase froth.