Market Perception: The Good, The Evil, and Switching Sides

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In the world of social media, is your company good or is it evil? Reputation management, or more specifically market perception management goes hand in hand with successful social media marketing. Which side of the fence will your company fall on?

No company makes blunders or delivers a shoddy product on purpose; most companies aren’t self-destructive by nature. But all companies make mistakes. In the end, how the public deals with a company’s mistakes, or the limitations (inadequacies) of their product/service depends on how company is perceived by them. If perceived negatively, they are unlikely to buy your product and if perceived in a positive light, not only will your current customers stick, but you will also get return customers.
For example, Sony is perceived as ill-willed and hyperbole-laden while Nintendo is seen as quite the opposite.
For most companies, you don’t have to be stuck on the wrong side of the fence. Changing the perception of your company could be just one click away.

We are dedicated to helping you understand the public perspective online and generating new forms of outreach in order to ensure that the public perceives your company like you do. We can help you get your voice back.

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