LinkedIn Preempts Facebook with Facebook Application

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In an effort to preempt any perceived potential threat to the business-oriented professional social networking site in case Facebook launches similar features, LinkedIn has launched a Facebook application that lends one of the networks services to Facebook.
Aptly named “My Company’s Hiring”, the application is very basic and though it is branded with the LinkedIn logo, it has absolutely no connection with LinkedIn or your profile on LinkedIn. Quite simply it is a way to post what jobs are open at your company, into your Facebook profile.
Simply activate the application, and fill out the company’s name, location, the positions you are hiring people for, a description, and if needed, a link for where people can get more information from,
and the application will insert a notification box in your profile giving a preview of what position is available.
It’s interesting to note that the application preview box actually has no indication of it being from LinkedIn. Not until you click on the position to see more details do you see any hint of who’s behind it.
In its current state, the move on LinkedIn’s part is symbolic at best. While I was disappointed to see that there is absolutely zero integration with LinkedIn, the application shows Facebook that the professional social network is serious about protecting its turf, that they are already developing ways to bring their functionality into Facebook and that Facebook better not try and compete with them.
The application is getting some decent adoption considering it has just been launched:
Thanks to Ben for pointing this out.

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