LinkedIn Launches a News Service for Professionals

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Recently LinkedIn, one of the largest social networking platforms for entrepreneurs and online businesses, rolled out a new social networking application for its 90 million registered users. The social network for businesses unveiled LinkedIn Today which serves as a compilation of top news stories that are focused at the user’s industry or from their social connections within the platform. Mrinal Desai, one of LinkedIn’s former employees says that the feature is on par to become “the equivalent of the Wall Street Journal in the market and industry of social news and engagement.”

The LinkedIn Today application will also allow users to see what other professionals in various industries are sharing on their network as well, allowing them to interact and start new connections or referrals. LinkedIn also includes in its application a weekly email listing the popular, top headlines from each user’s industry that they can follow. Part of the launch of the new application is an attempt for the social networking service to show that it can effectively engage its users, and draw members who don’t normally visit the site on a routine or regular basis. Having a news story option is likely to attract more members if there is something new and fresh provided on a routine basis.

The application will prove to be very impactful for the business sector, per LinkedIn’s Senior Vice-President of Products and User Experience, Deep Nishar. He stated that life-changing decisions are based on the reliance of the people who business people trust, more so than using searches or other mechanisms. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Weiner, also stated that LinkedIn is interested in providing products that change the way people work, and through their new launches, they want to be the place where people go to gain insights into their various industries and jobs.

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