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[Reddit](http://www.reddit.com) is one of the most difficult social sites to get your content popular on. It can drive thousands of visitors to websites and [hundreds of links](http://www.seomoz.org/blog/social-media-traffic-isnt-useless), but the question is how can you get to the top of the homepage so you can get the traffic and links?
We already know that good content and attractive post titles can really help get a story to the top of social sites. Another obviously important factor that helps a story get to the top is the amount of votes it gets. On most social sites, the friends feature can help a story get a large amount of votes in a short amount of time. If you are not too familiar with the friends feature that social sites have, it is the feature that allows one user to befriend other users.

The image above from Reddit.com shows the option of adding a user as “your friend”. Once you make a user your friend then their user name is highlighted in red throughout Reddit.

If you want your submissions to make the homepage you need them to standout from the crowd and what better way then to have other users friend you thus turning your submissions red when they are logged in. Plus by getting users to friend you, your submissions will appear on their [friends’ page](http://reddit.com/prefs/friends). Here are the two main ways of getting more friends:
1. The more you participate on Reddit through voting, commenting and even submissions, the more likely it is that other users will see your user name. The more people that see your user name the more people that will get familiar with it, thus increasing the likelihood that they will add you as a friend.
2. A great way to build friendship takes nothing more then genuinely reaching out to fellow users. You can even talk to users through [email](http://reddit.com/message/compose) or instant messenger. It is hard to find ways to get in contact with hardcore Reddit users, but if you can do that you can build a true friendship which will cause these users to vote on your stories.
Go out there and get some Reddit friends. Once you get more friends, you will find that it is easier to get stories on to the homepage.

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