Learning From Netflix's Rules for Success

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If you’ve ever had a chance to read the 8 great reasons to work at Netflix, you probably realized that these rules serve as a guideline that anyone can follow to success. Here’s a look at how we can apply these rules to successful blogging.
1. Netflix delights people
If you’re the editor or lead of a multi-author blog, nothing is going to improve the quality of the blog’s content more than a happy staff. Keep your writers happy so that they write well and make your readers happy.
2. We’re democratizing movie distribution
Get out of your comfort zone and write about topics that other sites wont. Stand out by giving a voice to ignored topics and voices seldom heard.
3. Values Matter
Value your writers, readers, advertisers, but not at the sake of your own values. Write passionately, honestly, creatively, intelligently, reliably, and above all, selflessly.
4. Rules annoy us
Some rules are good to follow, after all you don’t want to be kicked out of Google. But it’s good to bend the rules once in a while and step out of your comfort zone.
5. We pay well
“We believe that one outstanding employee does more and costs less than two adequate performers,” says Netflix, and they couldn’t be more on the mark. If it’s your writers are creating value, value them accordingly.
6. Consistently outstanding people
Hire and work with the best and accept nothing less than the best from them.
7. We love movies
There’s no way you’re going to succeed if you don’t love what you’re doing or lack the passion for it and the passion to succeed.
8. We’re creating an amazing future
Embrace change. Better yet, affect change. You don’t want your site and content to get stale over time so go discover something new and who knows you may just stumble upon the next big thing.
What would you add to this basic list of rules?

Neil Patel
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