John Chow Speaks Out on Google, Technorati and More

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John Chow has been very successful at making money online, but with this success he has also made some big enemies along the way. Google has dropped John from the top position for his own name to the bottom 50, and Technorati doesn’t show him on the list of top 100 blogs even though in his profile it shows he is ranked 48th.
In our first post about John Chow we posed the question to our readers if John’s “make money online” link-back campaign was ethical, and in our second post we showed why we were ranking number 1 for John Chow and why it made sense from Google’s perspective. Today we will ask John Chow himself about the difficulties that come along with being a self-proclaimed “dot com mogul.”
Has Google dropping you affected your site in terms of traffic?
No it hasn’t. Traffic has actually been higher than normal and my RSS subscriptions have increased by over 1,000. If Google’s intention was to teach me a lesson, they’ve done a very bad job at it. All they’ve done was gave me a ton publicity.
How do you feel about Technorati, since they hand pick sites for the top 100? Have you ever contacted them about it, and if so what did they have to say?
Not being listed in the official Top 100 is disappointing but it doesn’t affect me financially so I haven’t contacted them about it. As long as they rank me correctly, I’m fine with them.
Your “make money online” campaign was a huge success, but it may have also cost you your name on Google. Was it worth it?
I have no doubt that Google will eventually restore my name to its rightful number one spot. Right now, Google looks foolish with the SERP for John Chow. How long they want to keep looking foolish is up to them. My traffic from the term hasn’t decreased at all because the first 10 pages of results for John Chow are all about me. The searcher will find me indirectly. If anything, that encourages other bloggers to write about me.
Have you had any contact from Google to let you know why you have been moved so far down?
No and I haven’t tried to contact them.
Your RSS subscribers are growing pretty rapidly, and you are almost to 7,000. Do you think everything will continue to grow without the help of Google, and services such as Technorati.
Yes my traffic will continue to grow without the help of Google because I don’t live by the Google. Too many webmasters make the mistake of depending on Google for all their traffic , or worst, all their income. If you make your money online, how can you sleep at night with that kind of setup?
Because my traffic will continue to grow, Google will have no choice but to rank me back to my original positions. Search engine follow people and when people visit a site without the help of a search engine, it gets their attention. Google will eventually have to rank me correctly or they will face an erosion of their brand.
Why do you think your “make money online” campaign was such a success?
It succeeded because it got a lot of blogs writing about it. That may have also caused its eventual downfall.
Your attitude about everything that has happened has been great, but are you growing frustrated with all the sites that keep banning you or punishing you?
Not really. It all adds to the “Evil” brand.
As of writing this post John Chow has 6,717 RSS readers, and the first time John passed the 6,000 mark was July 4th with 6,010 readers, growing 707 readers in less than 3 weeks. It appears that John is right about all the attention from the Google situation has only made his blog stronger, and Pronet has definitely contributed to the publicity. John’s earnings post for the month of July will be one of his biggest post to date, and probably his most interesting. Will John stay on course with his prodigious income, or will the mighty Google succeed in teaching Mr. Chow a lesson?
It is also interesting to note that both Yahoo and retain his own blog as the number one result for the query “John Chow”.

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