Is Your URL Digg Compatible?

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Wouldn’t it be a shame? You wrote a great piece, it was relevant not only for your general readership, but also for the social media audience. Not only that, but a user with a large audience wanted to submit your piece, but couldn’t because of your URL structure.
That’s what happened to yesterday when I tried to submit a story from MSN Money to Digg:
I tried submitting the story using a bookmarklet, a contextual menu plugin, and by directly using the submission form but each time the submission gave an error because the URL is not compatible with Digg. The story has everything going for it, including that it is a more personal spin on one a popular meme on Digg from the past week.
In fact, some of the most popular stories on Digg have been about the current downward trend in the dollar and MSN Money’s story could’ve been up there with the rest. So before you start writing for the social media audience, make sure that you can actually get your content onto the social media sites.

Neil Patel
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