Is honesty the best form of linkbait?

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Loren Feldman from 1938 posted a video on his blog saying that linkbait is for losers and honesty is the best form of linkbait. While I can appreciate Loren’s opinion and he is definitely on to something I think maybe he went a bit to far. Yes, social media marketing should be executed in a way that you never want to lie to your customers and you should always be open and honest. But at the same time crafting a message with clever titles is just plain smart marketing.
I am not suggesting that you lie and maybe Loren is just trying to say that content shouldn’t be created for the purpose of linkbait, or becoming viral. But that is like saying you shouldn’t create a funny commercial with the intention of getting a lot of people to view it and laugh about it, it’s all just marketing
One thing is for sure though, Loren’s video was brutally honest and he is sure to get a bunch of links from it.

[via: Search Marketing Gurus]

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