Is Facebook Accessible for Bad-Eyesight Users?

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Is Facebook Accessible for Bad-Eyesight Users?

Facebook is a major source for social connection in today’s day and age. Providing users the chance to find out friends, meet new ones and share content with the click of a button, it is a fantastic feature that has made the world just a little bit smaller since its creation. Now, it is the single largest social networking site on the web, and a company worth millions.

But what about users who have trouble seeing clearly? Whether they have eye sight issues, or they are just getting older and their vision isn’t what it used to be, is Facebook remaining accessible for users with bad eyesight? What can people do to use it more effectively despite this problem?

Is Facebook Accessible for Bad-Eyesight Users

Assistive Technology Compatibility

For those with disabilities, Facebook is fully compatible with assistive technologies. You simply have to have a programmed Enter key in the program. If you don’t, you can map one easily enough to allow you to comment.

Screen Readers

You can use a screen reader to browse and use all of the features on Facebook. They even have an audio captcha system for those who want too register with a screen reader, rather than the visual cues.

Increasing Font Size

Screen Readers

As with any web page, you can adjust font size in order to more easily read it. Just press the CTRL button and hold it down while you push the ‘+’ sign in the top right hand corner of your keyboard. This will increase the size of all content on your screen when viewed through a web browser. To decrease the size, hold down CTRL and hit the ‘-‘ sign.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who only use a keyboard (such as those who cannot clearly see a cursor), they provide a simple system for shortcuts. According to their Accessibility page, here is the code list:

Internet Explorer for PC:

Alt + #, then Enter

Firefox for PC:

Shift + Alt + #

Safari for Mac:

Ctrl + #

Firefox for Mac:

Ctrl + #


Ctrl + Alt + #


0 – Help

1 – Home

2 – Profile (Timeline)

3 – Friends

4 – Inbox

5 – Notifications

6 – Account Settings

7 – Privacy

8 – About

9 – Terms


All in all, Facebook has gone out of their way to offer disabled users the chance to use the site just as effectively as anyone else. This includes help for visually impaired users of all levels.

However, some features are not so easily accessed. For example, images without captions created with descriptions by the other user will not be accessible by a blind user. There is also some difficulty with using certain apps and games.

Otherwise, the social networking aspect is entirely intact, and this is a great website for people of all types, vision problems or not.

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