Integrating Google+ to Your WordPress Website

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Since its public release last year, Google+ definitely made a buzz, and a basket full of improvements were rolled out for the benefit of its users. But whether it’ll be a “Facebook killer” or not remains to be seen.

On the other hand, its ever-expanding user base and simple sharing tools makes the young social network something that you won’t ignore. And what’s the best way to use its features to the full extent than to integrate it on your website?

Add the +1 Button

Clicking the +1 button enables your site visitors to search, share and save their favorite content on the Web. Using Google’s official +1 button code generator, it’ll only take a minute to add the button to your website, and for your content to be integrated with any Google profile. Simply put, the +1 button is an additional avenue for promoting and sharing your web content.

Embed Your Google+ Profile

A WordPress widget created by PlusDevs Software Developer John Henson lets you display your Google+ profile on your website or blog. You can set the widget up by just simply installing the plug-in to your website, dragging the widget to your sidebar and filling in a form. An embeddable Google+ Profile widget is also available on, or you can incorporate your profile with a few PHP code lines.

Share Your Google+ Updates

Designed to share real life activities with your friends, Google+ lets you embed your status updates on your WordPress website. Just simply download the Google+ WordPress widget, insert your Google+ ID and you’re good to go. The sidebar widget will show your recent status updates, including your Google Buzz.

Use Google+ Inspired Theme

Whether you are a fan of Google+’s clean and unobtrusive layout or you own a blog that deals with the search engine giant’s social media, then you might like to use WordPress’ Google+ themes for your website. There’s a clean, fast-loading and search engine optimized theme like the WP Plus; a clean and well-designed theme like PlusOne; and a smooth and seamless Reflex+ design.


Google+ may no longer be considered as a young social media, but it still has plenty of rooms for improvement when it comes to user features. Its progress could also provide a wide array of options for publishers, and this could also be another social networking platform where business owners could build and expand their online presence.

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