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When I read a blog, I always think about what the blogger(s) could do to make me a regular reader. Also when I look at the stats for this blog, I wonder what I can do to keep my visitors coming back. I know many of you have probably opened up your web stats and found out that you are getting bombarded with visitors. It could have been caused by an increase in search engine rankings, a link from a large site, getting to digg’s homepage or even tons of blogs linking to you. So with all these first time visitors coming into your blog, how can you convert them into regular readers?
Visitors are people and people don’t like being talked at, so write content that talks to them and not at them. By doing this you can create a conversation and allow visitors to comment. When people comment don’t just leave them hanging, respond back to keep the conversation going. You want to build a relationship with your visitors, thus enabling a conversation and encouraging them to come back to your website.
###You, you and you
You may be the owner of your blog and think its all about you, but without your readers your blog is nothing. So don’t be selfish, help your readers when they need help and if they want something from your blog then listen and take it into consideration.
Writing content that can benefit readers is one way to get them coming back to your blog, but also writing a series of posts is another way to get visitors to come back. If you decide to write a 3 part series and if a new visitor likes part 1, there is a good chance he/she will come back to read part 2 and 3. This is a great way to build that relationship with your visitors.
Do unique things on your blogs. This could include creating tools to help your visitors or even designing your blog to standout from the rest. You can also create unique content, have guest writers write on your blog or interview people in your industry. Whatever your unique thing may be, it has the potential to turn visitors into regular blog readers.
Keep visitors on their toes, spice up your regular routine with something different every once in awhile, it will keep your blog from being boring. If visitors are excited by your blog they will convert into regular readers.
If you want to convert visitors into readers you need to make things easy for them. If your content is hard to read, it is very unlikely that visitors will come back to read your blog. If they want to subscribe to your RSS feed then make it easy for them. Making things usable and easier on the visitor can drastically increase your conversion rate.
There are many ways to convert first time visitors into regular readers; these are just some of the ways that have worked for me. If you know of any other ways to convert first time visitors into regular blog readers, feel free to leave a comment.

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