How to Write the Right Title for Digg

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Yes it’s true, content is king. If your content is great, if your service is unparalleled and your product truly novel, nothing will stand in its way, right? Well not entirely. If you are to truly take advantage of all socially driven sites have to offer, you need to focus on presentation. How you present yourself can take you long way, and here’s how to do it right.
We’ve mentioned it before,

Instead, to increase your chances of getting on Digg’s homepage, try coming up with something unique and funny but don’t forget to make sure it’s still related to the article.

So how do you create the perfect title?
According to analysis done by Bob, here’s a list of noteworthy words most often used in stories that get promoted to the Digg homepage:

While we can ignore words like “Wii”, “Google”, “Apple”, Linux”, “Microsoft”, “Mac”, “PS3”, “iTunes”, “Windows”, “Nintendo”, “Digg”, “iPod”, the rest of the words give us an interesting insight into how to present yourself and into what exactly this particular community is looking for.
1. The words “new”, “first”, and “top” tell us that you have to be the first one to do something and do it well.
2. The word “launch” tells us that your chances of getting the attention you are looking for are higher on launch day. People like trying out new things, and being the first ones to give it a spin. Just keep in mind that if you’re expecting to get Dugg on the launch day, make sure you can handle it.
3. The word “how” shows that the community likes to be told how to do something and do it well. If you are in the market of instructional writing, this one is for you.
4. The word “web” is quite obviously a sign that a web-based or web-related service is more tuned to the interests of the crowd.
5. The words “pictures” and “video” tell us that it is often better to use these mediums to present information in a quicker and more appealing way than just paragraphs upon paragraphs of text.
6. And lastly, the word “free” is self-explanatory. Just keep in mind that free is a tactic, not a business model.
So the next time you’re launching a service, or a stroke of literary genius strikes you, don’t forget to keep the above-mentioned words in mind (as long as they are applicable).

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