How to 'Still' Get On the Digg Homepage

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Lately a lot of people who used to get on the [Digg homepage]( constantly have been complaining that they can’t make the homepage anymore. In most cases these people are doing the exact same thing as they used to do before. Here is how you can still get on the homepage:
* Don’t sell sandals to an Eskimo – understand the Digg audience before you start trying to get stuff on the homepage that doesn’t relate to them. In the past, you may have been able to get spammy stuff such as articles about [Forex trading]( on Digg, but now you can’t. When people bury your story it hurts you more than before so give them something they want and not something they don’t care about.
* Power isn’t everything – if you think it is best to have a power user submit a story, you are wrong. From what I have tested if you have a normal user submit a story and tons of top users end up digging that story, there are high chances that it will hit the homepage with a lot less votes. The main reason this works so well is because normal users usually don’t have tons of Digg friends so votes from these power users are very effective.
* Being greedy isn’t smart – if you feel all of your content is Digg worthy, you are wrong. Don’t vote on non-worthy content and more importantly don’t place [Digg this buttons]( on your website unless you really feel your content is great.
* Don’t assume content is king – many people think that all you need is great content to make the homepage, but that’s not true. A good portion of Digg users don’t read stories, but instead just vote on what they like based on the submission title and description. So before you submit a story analyze your title and description because it can make a world of difference.
If you feel it is hard to get on the Digg homepage, don’t complain, do something about it. Learn from your mistakes and get involved with the community on a personal level.

Neil Patel
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