How to Socialize Your Website

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Personal website creation has come a long way. Gone are the days of building glittering, GIF-heavy monstrosities on Geocities and Angelfire, using HTML builders to write glowing text on garishly colored backgrounds. We have evolved to a more subtle, appealing and simple approach, especially now that blogs have taken over as the preferred method of website creation.

Socialize Your Website

But once you get a site going, whether a blog or the more traditional HTML, CSS or Flash fare, how do you socialize it? Many people will wait and do so over time, letting it hit social media naturally and hope their content goes viral. But that is a long time to waste hoping for something that might not happen, especially when there are so many ways that you can socialize it from the very beginning.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

Go Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Yes, everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, and I guess a Google+. Of course these are important sources for anyone looking to add a greater social element to their website. Since you can easily add in a “Like,” “Tweet” or “+1” button onto each post through a single add-on for your blog, it is even easier to share.

But don’t forget other great sites that are more specialized. One good example is Pinterest. This is a unique sharing site that works by allowing you to “pin” various pictures to an online bulletin board. These can then be shared with others around the web.

Connecting your site is great because, inevitably, you will post images instead of content in certain posts. No one can resist sharing pictures from time to time.

Bring Something New

Bring Something New

Innovation is key to creating a social website. No, really – the fundamental element is to make something people will want to share. Whether the interface is something never seen, the interaction is heavy or the content is first rate, you want a site that people are likely to point to and say, “You have to see this!”

Sync Up Logins

Sync Up

You may have noticed lately that a lot more websites are allowing users to log in to comment or use their service with Facebook or Twitter accounts. You might also have the option of using Google or Tumblr for that purpose, which is truly an ingenious method of syncing up accounts.

Giving your users the ability to log in with other sites keeps them from having to sign up with yours. That might sound like a negative for you, but is a positive for them, which ultimately makes it a positive for you.


It is important to make your website as user-friendly as possible in order to bring about socialization. These tips will help you along the way.

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