How To Own Those ‘Seasonal’ Keywords

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Yesterday was the fourth of July and though I am not an American and do not celebrate the holiday, I could not get away from it no matter how hard I tried. The reason? Everyone who had a chance to blog yesterday was trying to capitalize on the holiday of the month and consequently my RSS reader was full of the holiday. Here’s a look at how other sites capitalized on this year’s independence day and how you can do it too next time.
It doesn’t matter what niche you write for, what kind of content you produce, and what audience you’re marketing your product to because there’s a way to spin anything. Here is a look at 3 completely different niches and how sites within the niche used the 4th of July to their advantage:
Science and Technology
Site: Forever Geek
Post Title with Keywords: Top 5 Patriotic Super Heroes that aren’t Captain America
Food and Beverage
Site: Slashfood
Post Title with Keywords: What are you eating on the Fourth?
Post Title with Keywords: For the 4th: Hershey’s Chocolate Barbecue Sauce
Post Title with Keywords: Small towns celebrate big on the Fourth of July
Site: Autoblog
Post Title with Keywords: 1961 Rambler American
Post Title wit Keywords: Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue
As you can see, all the sites managed to get 4th of July themed words jammed into the titles for the holiday. While the short-term search traffic resulting from the use of these words may be limited, using them is still useful because it simply increases the probability of this content being read.
I compared several different combinations of the words used above along with some others and here are a few of the most effective 4th of July themed words to keep in mind for next time.
Darren has more useful information on capturing seasonal traffic.
Note: I used last year’s numbers to make my point since this year’s weren’t available yet.

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