How To Market Your Infographics

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How To Market Your Infographics

Tom is the online marketing blogger for Quantum SEO Labs, the link building service company.

It is no secret that infographics have become the new ‘it’ thing. Well established as a fantastic way of marketing your content, it is easy to share and even easier to catch the attention of your target audience. Plus, they are entertaining, which is half the battle in today’s online, digital focused world.

But once you have the infographic made, what do you do with it? It might seem amusing to think of it being difficult to market what is essentially a marketing tool. However, this is often the case do to the multi-purpose nature of the average infographic. Even though it pretty much spreads itself once it gains some visibility, it just isn’t quite so easy getting the process started.

At this point, you might be feeling a little discouraged. You wanted to come up with something creative and interesting, after all. Which you more than likely accomplished with the finished product. The risk of it not reaching its visibility potential simply because you are more creative than market-minded can be frustrating.

But have no fear! Here are some ways you can properly market your infographic and so ensure it will be seen by who you want it to be. That is the first step to becoming viral, as well.

Know Your Help Base

You know your target audience

You know your target audience. What you need to identify is your ‘help base’; that elusive set of contacts that will help you to spread the infographic the day it goes live. This is a key element to your initial marketing preparation in any genre, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see it as a necessity for your infographic.

Some likely places to find these contacts are:

Frequented blogs, or blogs you occasionally guest post for.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Forums
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

Just sit down and make a list of frequent followers, affiliates, business partners or friends. Even family members who have a certain amount of visibility can be helpful. Anyone who is likely to get people to follow a link to see an image.

A few days before your infographic goes “live”, just send a little message to these people. Just five from each category can have an incredible reach.

Know Useful Tools

You might not know it, but there are some helpful resources out there for getting some exposure. They are usually focused on collecting multimedia and different forms of content, though some are based around infographics.

One really useful tool is MyBlogGuest’s recent creation of an infographics gallery. It works by allowing you to upload your infographic multiple times to their gallery with unique descriptions. Then blog owners who like it will offer you a “bid” of when and where they would like to put it. Full credit goes to you, and it is a quick way to build solid links with next to no effort.

Know The Best Blogs

Killer Infographics

You can also submit infographics to blogs dedicated to such things. Some of those sites are:

Seriously, there are so many of these that it would take me forever to list them all. I am talking dozens. Which is why you should take some time to Google it and find infographic sites that take submitted work. Which is nearly all of them.

Once you have a good list, you can submit it anywhere that will take it, and you are sure to get a decent collection of high traffic sites featuring it. Which could lead to further sharing as others see it.


It isn’t brain science. These are three of the absolute easiest ways that you can possibly get exposure for your infographic, and they are 100% effective. They take work, as well, not to mention time. But if you are serious, you should be willing to put both in. Marketing is not some magic miracle fix that happens on its own.

Get started a few days early and you should have a decent starting point for your image.

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