How-to Make $500,000 in 2 months

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Want to become rich? Well here is your chance! This Wednesday, [Jeremy Schoemaker]( (aka ShoeMoney) will be joining Cameron and me on [Rush Hour]( Jeremy is well known for his $500,000 check as well as his newly launched project [Auction Ads](

Also, don’t forget to listen to the show live by going to [Webmaster Radio]( on Wednesday at 1 PM PST.
If you have any questions for Jeremy feel free to leave a comment.
I am an Evangelist for [Text Link Ads]( and their parent company is a part owner in AuctionAds.
The image of the check was photoshoped by [AzoogleAds]( for various advertisements, the actual amount Shoemoney made in 2 months was $550,000.

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