How to make $2500 from a blog post

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Ever wonder how you can make a quick buck? If you are a blogger there are [services]( out there that will pay you to do reviews on a specific website and today Shoemoney just did one on []( for $2500.

I personally have never seen anyone pay $2500 for a blog post, so I decided to do a quick interview with Shoemoney.
Question: How many inquires have you received at the $2500 rate?
Answer: I have gotten tapped 4 times to do paid reviews by [ReviewMe](
Question: So far it seems you have only done 1 paid review, why did you turn down those other 3 inquires?
Answer: Basically I turn down anything that is not related to making money online, affiliate marketing… For instance, of the 3 I turned down 2 were for travel websites and 1 was an insurance site.
Question: Do you think $2500 is worth it?
Answer: I think this is more of a question for the person purchasing the review. Eventually I blog about most great products and sites related to mine but if you are looking for a faster track then buying your way on my site could possibly be a great deal for you. It’s kind of like with search engines, yes with SEO you have a chance to someday show up at the top for a keyword but for a price they will sell you exposure.
Question: How much of that $2500 do you get?
Answer: To be honest I do not know. I just did my first paid review. I will tell you I have no special deal with ReviewMe so whatever there normal revshare is, that is what I will get.
Question: How did you get a review on to be worth $2500 in ReviewMe, doesn’t it stop at $250?
Answer: It’s just what my page was valued at by ReviewMe. I see some in there for $750 so I know it goes higher.
You heard it hear first, Shoemoney made $2500 on a blog post. What is a blog post on your blog worth to someone?
**Disclaimer: I am an evangelist for [Text Link Ads]( and [ReviewMe](

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