How to make $2500 from a blog post

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Ever wonder how you can make a quick buck? If you are a blogger there are [services]( out there that will pay you to do reviews on a specific website and today Shoemoney just did one on []( for $2500.

I personally have never seen anyone pay $2500 for a blog post, so I decided to do a quick interview with Shoemoney.
Question: How many inquires have you received at the $2500 rate?
Answer: I have gotten tapped 4 times to do paid reviews by [ReviewMe](
Question: So far it seems you have only done 1 paid review, why did you turn down those other 3 inquires?
Answer: Basically I turn down anything that is not related to making money online, affiliate marketing… For instance, of the 3 I turned down 2 were for travel websites and 1 was an insurance site.
Question: Do you think $2500 is worth it?
Answer: I think this is more of a question for the person purchasing the review. Eventually I blog about most great products and sites related to mine but if you are looking for a faster track then buying your way on my site could possibly be a great deal for you. It’s kind of like with search engines, yes with SEO you have a chance to someday show up at the top for a keyword but for a price they will sell you exposure.
Question: How much of that $2500 do you get?
Answer: To be honest I do not know. I just did my first paid review. I will tell you I have no special deal with ReviewMe so whatever there normal revshare is, that is what I will get.
Question: How did you get a review on to be worth $2500 in ReviewMe, doesn’t it stop at $250?
Answer: It’s just what my page was valued at by ReviewMe. I see some in there for $750 so I know it goes higher.
You heard it hear first, Shoemoney made $2500 on a blog post. What is a blog post on your blog worth to someone?
**Disclaimer: I am an evangelist for [Text Link Ads]( and [ReviewMe](

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at... Read Full Bio
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  • Nicole Hooters Girl

    I think 2500$ is a great value for anyone who wants a TON of exposure. Getting on ShoeMoney is like the slashdot of affilaite blogs.
    btw tell cameron its really me and tell him I will never forget our night in Vegas.

  • Leroy Brown

    I can’t imagine a review on *any* site, even Shoemoney’s, would be worth $2500. If you’re hell-bent on spending $2500 on ReviewMe reviews, I can’t help but think that 5 reviews at $500 would yield better results – and they’d still be extremely high quality.

  • Andrew Flusche

    Nice post. For regular ReviewMe bloggers, we get half the price of the review. I don’t see why that would be different for a big name blog like Shoemoney. So, Shoemoney really only made $1250 for a post. But PAID $2500.

  • Ron Johnson

    I just saw his post before I read this blog. Truly amazing that someone is willing to pay $2500 for a blog post.

  • Ray Dotson

    Let’s put this in perspective, though. How much does an advertiser pay for a 30 second primetime spot on network television? I’m sure it’s five to six figures easily. I would bet the number of eyes viewing that commercial and seeing that post on Shoemoney are somewhat proportionate…

  • Andy Beard

    Don’t forget that Mitchell is a smart marketer running a successful business.
    Some things to note
    He made sure he highlighted his best content
    He asked for subscriptions
    The traffic didn’t cost him anything in affiliate payouts
    He might well get further free links down the road, simply because Shoemoney is now a subscriber
    He is gaining additional links because paying that much for a review is news in itself. He will probably gain 20 or 30 links from quality sites – cheaper than guying 20 or 30 reviews individually from those same sites.

  • Andy Beard

    p.s. for some reason single line breaks are being striped from the comments

  • Sergey Petrov

    to Leroy Brown: This “$2500!” story will probably get much more buzz than any five reviews worth $500 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Atanas Woobinda

    Shoemoney is a model blog for me now. To get an authority that allow you to make $2500 for half-hour review – this is a true feat!

  • Everyday Weekender

    WoW.. $2500 is alot of dough!.. all the best to them!

  • Jean Ghalo

    well thats so interesting, especially for bloggers who wants to make some good money out of their blogs :>

  • CVOS

    How much of that $2500 do you get?
    Answer: To be honest I do not know.

    According to Reviewme’s TOS bloggers get %50 which means that if this advertiser contacted shoemoney directly they could have saved $1250.

  • DanielthePoet

    I’d be curious to know what the legal disclaimers are for sites like ReviewMe. Seems to me, if I’m a company wanting my site reviewed, I’d find out who the best sites willing to review me are and their price and then I’d contact them directly, offering 3/4 of the price Review Me lists. Everyone profits except ReviewMe.
    I’m not endorsing that approach, and I’m sure there are safeguards in place to prevent such a scenario from happening, but it’s a killer idea.

  • Mitchell Harper

    Neil, I didn’t pay $2,500 for the review. Jeremy increased his price the day after, but all of the free press I received was good ๐Ÿ˜‰