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Staying warm with buzz is as important as the buzz itself. If you can keep it going the effect will keep snowballing. In addition to having a solid product in the first place, you need to also manage your buzz. Managing your buzz well will also help keep it going. One company that’s been red hot with buzz lately is YouTube, let’s take a look at how they are keeping their buzz going.
You need to recognize that people are buzzing about you and understand what it means. Is the buzz good or bad? What’s the reach and effect? Why are people buzzing? What can you do to help? These questions are why it is so important to monitor your buzz, you need to be able to see it as soon as it is out there, and respond immediately. YouTube was able to recognize all their buzz this week and they also took action quickly.
One thing I’ve noticed that YouTube does well once the snowball gets rolling is that they participate. They don’t just sit back and watch and gloat. Their CEO is in there fighting to give new life to the fire. It is working too, every time I turn around I hear someone talking about YouTube. Acknowledge what is being said about your company and respond whether people are saying good or bad things. Opening the lines of communication with your audience can go a very long way.
###Provide Material
Your company won’t keep buzzing because of the same news forever. Since you are already participating why not just feed the “buzz machine” new material. For example, do you think it’s a coincidence that YouTube CEO Chad Hurley gives hints of their IPO intentions right now, after all that has happened recently?, or his comments about YouTube wanting to remain independent? If you have more information or material that you know will cause a stir now is the time to let it out.
###Create Controversy
When Chad Hurley tells an audience he has no intentions of selling the company he is clearly being controversial. He knows that he is saying something that people are going to talk about it, and by stretching the truth he can create controversy (more buzz). We all know that if his price was met he’d run for the hills. If you can create controversy without making yourself look like a bad guy, then do it. If your buzz is good at this point make sure it stays there, and if your buzz was originally bad it should now be good. YouTube managed their buzz well by putting a stop to people talking about their legal issues and instead making them speculate about who should buy them and why.
Often times it is the way the cards fall. Sometimes you get really lucky and no matter what happens that day people will talk about your company. If you build a good enough product then something like this will happen to you, but you better be ready to recognize this and take advantage of it. Timing is everything.
###What Does This Mean for YouTube
YouTube is white hot with buzz right now. The obvious thing this does for YouTube is increase their user base. Believe it or not there are still people who don’t know what YouTube is. The less obvious thing this does for YouTube is increase their overall value. If you don’t think this increases the company value think again. If, and that’s a big if, someone were to buy YouTube they will pay more now than they would’ve just a couple weeks ago. It also raises the chances of YouTube being bought at all since they have all the attention right now.
###What Can We Learn/Do
The thing with buzz marketing is that you can’t directly copy someone else’s success. By that I mean the same things that work for YouTube won’t necessarily work for you. Buzz is real; you need to do something real that sets you apart. What you can do is learn why buzz marketing works for other companies like YouTube, and once you know the why then the how becomes easier.

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