How to get the most out of digg traffic

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A lot of people consider [digg]( traffic as being [useless]( because they think most digg visitors will never come back to your blog. This is not necessarily true, especially if you do a few tweaks to your blog so you can actually get some benefit from the traffic. These tweaks will not only help you retain visitors from [digg](, but also will help retain regular visitors as well.
RSS Subscribers

Most of visitors that come to your blog from digg will probably never come back, but you can improve your odds by placing a prominent RSS subscription somewhere on your web pages.

If your subscription link is prominent digg can provide a lot of RSS subscribers but after a day or so most of them will drop off. If you look at the graph you will notice that after a post making it to the digg front page, the RSS subscriber count never dropped to the original amount, there was always a slight increase.

When your blog gets bombarded with traffic there is a good chance that a few of the digg visitors will post comments. Don’t make those visitors feel like they are talking to themselves, make sure you follow up on their comments. By following up you are building a relationship which will increase the likelihood of the commenter coming back to your blog.
Post Titles

One of the main reasons people love digg is because it can increase your incoming links which results in search engine love.

Make an [attractive post title]( with a keyword that you are trying to get ranked for, that way after the digg traffic dies down the search engine traffic will pick up.

Many of the visitors that come to your blog from digg will roam around to see what else you have to offer. Make sure you have a lot of easily accessible content so the visitors can get a feel of what your blog is all about. If the visitor likes what you have to offer there is a good chance that they will convert into a regular reader.
You might not be able to predict when you are going to get on digg, but if you do all of these things you will be able to get the most out of the digg traffic when your blog hits the front page. So if you want to get the most out of digg traffic be prepared and do not wait until the last minute to tweak your blog.

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