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Lately many bloggers have been making an extra effort to try and get on the [digg homepage]( so that they can increase the popularity of their blog. Many of the bloggers will do almost anything to accomplish this, some go as far as telling all of their friends on their AIM buddy list to digg their story while others go to the extreme of joining digging groups where everyone diggs each others story. If you really want to get on [digg](, here is how you do it.
The first and most important thing that you must have to get on the digg homepage is something unique. It could be your content, some sort of tool or even a funny video you created. Whatever it may be, this is the most important factor of getting on digg’s homepage. If your story sucks and you happen to get on the homepage by gaming the system, the chances are it will get removed quickly by the digg community. People will mark your story as “lame” or “spam” and within minutes your story will be buried. So before you even try to get on digg, make sure you have something digg worthy.
You may have noticed that [the majority of the homepage stories]( were submitted by a [top 100 digg user]( If a story is good and you submit it, you might get 30 diggs and not make the homepage, but then if a top 100 user takes that same story and submits it after you did the chances are that it will make the homepage. So try and get a top 100 user to submit your story and if you cannot, here are some submission tips:
1. Do a search on digg and see if anyone submitted a similar story that made it to the homepage. Look at the submission title and description and learn from it.
2. Make sure you use an attractive submission title and description. The submission title does not have to be the same as the actual story title.
3. Do not submit your story during at odd hours. Stories should be submitted early in the morning PST. This way the story gets more eyeballs and usually more diggs at a quicker pace.
4. Make sure you submit your story to the right category. Although this sounds easy a lot of people make this mistake because many stories could fall into multiple categories. Choose the category that most closely fits the story or else you will not get as many diggs.
###Encourage your readers to digg
In most cases you need 51 diggs within 24 hours to get to the homepage. To help out with the 51 diggs you can add a [digg button]( to your blog post and RSS feed. Even if you get 4 or 5 extra diggs from your daily visitors, that could be the difference of getting on the homepage or not getting on the homepage. The homepage drives thousands of visitors so it is worth putting a digg button on each blog post and RSS feed.
If you trying to get on digg to increase your blogs popularity then you should probably know that getting on digg just a couple times does not really help. The average digg user is tech savvy so the only way to really increase popularity because of digg traffic is by getting on the homepage 3 or more times within 7 days. Getting on digg draws a lot of buzz and getting on the homepage 3 times within 1 week creates buzz on top of buzz. I have been on digg 12 times within the past 60 or so days and in most cases the diggs did not increase the popularity of this blog unless I got on digg 3 times within one week. This is from my own personal experience, your mileage may vary.
If you really want to use digg to increase your popularity make sure you have something worth submitting and also, if possible, find a top 100 digg user to help you out. Do not force that digg user to submit your stuff, just show it to them and see what they think, they are always looking for more homepage submissions. If they feel that your story will be beneficial for the digg community then they will probably be glad to submit it. If anyone needs more advice about digg, feel free to [email me](

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