How to Do Local Marketing on Facebook

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How to Do Local Marketing on Facebook

Aimee is the local marketer blogging for the free directory of company profiles in Michigan.

If you use Facebook to connect with friends, co-workers and acquaintances then you’re aware that the world’s most popular social platform does a very good job of making staying in touch a simple task. You exchange important information, share media files or simply engage in friendly chat, all using a robust and easy to use system – and all for free.

Given this obvious proof of Facebook’s ability to connect you with local friends in a simple way, imagine the possibilities for your local business! Offering a deep, engaging method of connecting with the people around you, there is no better platform for marketing your local products and services.

When your business depends on local patronage to sustain it, making every possible effort to get the word out about what you have to offer is a no-brainer. Follow these tips to quickly and easily utilize Facebook to connect and engage with your local community for marketing purposes:

It all starts with your profile.

How to Do Local Marketing on Facebook

Often the first thing that people see when they visit you on Facebook is your general profile; allow this to serve as the starting point of your local marketing efforts. The personality and interests that you convey from your Facebook profile page are all highly customizable, allowing you to present whatever side of you best suits your marketing purposes.

Consider your profile page as a landing area for your local friends, family and potential customers to begin their experience with your Facebook account and marketing material. Represent your brand and business interests while offsetting that seriousness by expressing your personal side as well, engaging your local visitors in areas that interest you both and leveraging your social connections to create new leads.

Start a Facebook page, help people to like your business.

Facebook pages have proven to be a wildly successful way for businesses and brands to connect with the masses and that is never more true than for local offerings. With its deep grip on the geolocation of each one of its users, Facebook does an excellent job of helping local businesses connect with the people closest to them and pages are a great way to get your brand out into the open. With every page visitor able to share with his or her friends with the click of a button, your ability to draw new, targeted visitors increases exponentially with every page view.

Highly customizble, Facebook pages also have the ability to portray your marketing materials in a myriad of ways; even HTML, Adobe Flash and third party Facebook apps can be included in order to better engage your audience.

Plan an event and let everyone who’s anyone know about it.

Events that take place in the physical world are, by their very nature, local to those of us nearby them and can serve as an excellent meeting place for small businesses and the people they serve. Combined with Facebook’s nifty event planning feature, local events have the ability to be a huge source of word of mouth promotion for your brand!

Creating an event on Facebook means deploying a full page, in the style of Facebook pages for business, outlining all pertinent information for visitors. Your users are able to publicly accept invitations, discuss the event, invite their friends and generally spread the word about your event freely and easily.

Whether you want to host a donut giveaway promotion at your bakery or sponsor a larger local event to earn publicity for your brand, Facebook events pages offer you all of the tools you need to get the word out to your local customers.


In a world where every small business must fight tooth and nail with bigger competitors in its niche, Facebook is one of the few absolutely free and absolutely effective tools available to small business owners. No matter your product or service, your location or personality, Facebook will allow you to engage your audience in a lasting, meaningful way, driving sales and increasing your profile on the local landscape.

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