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Since the Internet was invented, it has been used to provide information, improve communication and sell to consumers. The Internet has become the biggest marketplace in the world. Whether it’s digital or solid products, every business starts by making a website. Out of all the millions of websites out there, how many do you see that actually make you want to buy something?

When you make a new website for a business, you have to make consumers want whatever it is you’re selling. To do that, you first have to make them see how they are lacking something in their life and how what you’re selling is their cure all. Maybe not in so many words, but just prove to them that your product or service can solve a problem they have through the content on your website.

A good example is dieting products. Businesses convince consumers that they will feel better and be better looking if they loose those extra pounds. First, the seller relates to the consumer with stories of how the consumer might feel. Stories of being laughed at for being over weight, or maybe when they couldn’t fit into a style of clothes they liked. Once the reader understands that the seller can relate with them, it’s time to make a sale. The seller just explains how the diet products can make the consumer feel slim and wonderful again; maybe even like the consumer felt when she was younger.

Easier said than done. There are a few things you need to remember when writing motivational website content.

  1. Stick to a interesting tone. If your content goes on and on about your product in a boring way, no one will think they need it.
  2. Humor always goes over well as long as it is tactful.
  3. Don’t repeat the same thing more than three times. More than that makes readers feel like you don’t respect them.
  4. Never use complex or uncommon language. Use plain English and explain abbreviations.
  5. Don’t just write, speak to your reader.

Once you understand how to be persuasive, put emotion into your words. You want to make readers feel something. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them want to improve themselves or become wealthy. Whatever you’re writing, make it snazzy. Stroke their ego. Tell them how amazing they are and how they could be better if they bought your brand of socks. Your soft, mind-bogglingly, comfortable socks made out of real wool.

If you still feel unsure, peruse other websites. If you bought something online before, go look at it’s website. What was it on that website that made you say “I need this!” to yourself? Examine it critically, scrutinizing every word. Did they write in a positive tone? Did they write or did they speak to you? Did they make you feel like you’ll be a better person with whatever they were selling?

Whatever they did, they obviously did it right, since you bought it. Learn from that.

This is a guest post by Aimee Sway, blogging for, providing high-quality printing services. Follow her on Twitter @PrintExpressUK and like on Facebook!

Aimee Sway
Aimee Sway, blogging for, the premiere online printing company. Follow her on Twitter @PrintExpressUK and like on Facebook!
Aimee Sway

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