How to Create Passionate Customers

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The other day I wrote a short post on [passionate customers]( which was about a funny beer commercial. The problem with many online companies is that they don’t think about [creating passionate customers]( when they should be; so here are a few ways you can do so:
This seems like common sense but most companies lack good support. You should always go to far extents to keep your customers happy and in some cases that even means refunding money or giving a free month of service. In most cases all it really takes to provide excellent customer support is to make sure you listen and fix their problem as soon as possible.
The other thing you will learn about support is that the larger you grow, the quicker you will find out that you can’t please everyone. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to provide excellent support, instead you’ll need to try harder.
T-shirts, yoyos, bouncy balls, and pens are just of few of the free things you can give away to keep your customers happy and passionate. From attending multiple conferences I have learned that the best free stuff to give away is something that people will use on a regular basis such as monitor cleaners or high quality t-shirts.
In most cases your competition is also going to be giving away free stuff so you have to do something unique and outstanding. One example that comes to my mind is a company called [Best of the Web]( that gives away quality t-shirts for men and women which really makes people passionate about their company because they catered both sexes when others did not.
Ever so often you will end up having a few customers that will try and get more out of you than they are paying you for. If they are trying to get something more that only takes an extra 5 or 10 minutes you may want to consider doing it because this is going to lead them becoming passionate. Just be careful when doing this because at some point you are going to have to draw the line or it will become costly for you.
These are the main ways I create passionate customers, how do you?

Neil Patel
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  • Ashley

    I recently moved from the Customer Service dept. of my company to the Tech side of things in order to start training in SEO, so this topic has always been a big one for me.
    I think another important thing about creating passionate customers is just building rapport. I work for a company that provides internet marketing and lead generation to real estate agents – as such, we don’t exactly have a tangible product – instead, the agent pays a monthly subscription for leads and marketing – so the success of each client can vary. Because it’s marketing and advertising, if clients don’t see a huge ROI and fast, they tend to get angry.
    Since marketing and advertising tends to be a more long term investment, it’s up to the CS dept. to calm these folks down, show them the value of our product and get them excited. Free service and discounts are one way we go, but I’ve found that just by talking to as many clients as possible, having good conversations and building rapport go a long way to getting a client to love your company and the product.
    When I really hit it off with a client, I know they they may not yet be 100% happy with the product, but they are in love with me and the company, so I’ve got time to get things going for them.
    (Since my days in the CS dept, we’ve added a more TANGIBLE product, so they’re dealing with that scenario less and less).
    I think, when it comes down to it, to make customers passionate, you need to show passion yourself – for your company, for you product, and ALWAYS for your customer!

  • Chas Grundy

    Support is a utility to repair the cracks in the original service. Freebies are bribes. You can’t buy passion with freebies or giveaways or by providing support. Like Ashley said, passion comes from within – you are passionate about your work, your product, and your people. Passion is contagious. It hits your customers through your support, your marketing, your sales staff, initial contact, etc. You don’t create passionate customers at all – you create a passionate company and passionate customers find you.