How to become a top 100 Digg user

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Lately it seems like more and more Digg users are trying to be in the [top 100]( As time goes on it will get harder due to Digg’s phenomenal growth. If you are looking to become a top 100 user here is how one user ([aaaz]( did it in 30 days.

The more friends you have on Digg, the greater your chances that other diggers will see the stories you submitted. Currently Aaaz has friended [458 users]( and over [600]( have friended him. This has caused his submissions to have a higher success rate of making the homepage.
If you want to become a top user the first thing that you may want to do is add friends with similar interests. If you like a user’s submissions, comments, or even diggs, add them as your friend and hopefully they will friend you back. The more friends you add the higher the chances are of getting stories to the homepage.
Although having friends is an important aspect of getting stories onto the homepage, it does not mean you can submit crap and expect your crap to hit the homepage. Aaaz has a fairly high homepage success ratio of 39% because he has submitted a lot of stories from,,,,,,, and These are all credible news sources that are generally not considered “crap” by Digg users.
If you want to have a high success ratio make sure you submit stories from authority sites like the ones mentioned above. Subscribe to 100s of RSS feeds because this will give you access to hot stories right when they are released.
Becoming a top 100 Digg user is not too difficult if you add friends and submit good stories. Just look at aaaz, within 30 days he became a top 100 user and within 3 months he has became a top 10 user. If you are willing to spend hours everyday on Digg, you can do the same, but just be careful because it can quickly become a big waste of time. It has drained a lot of aaaz’s time, which is why he has retired from Digg.

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  • Neil Patel

    That’s eBay for you. They enjoy bidding on thousands of useless terms that probably don’t convert.

  • Smaran

    That is incorrect, aaaz did not become a topuser in 30 days.

  • Smaran

    Oh wait, I misread the last bit. He did enter the top 100 in 30 days, but it took him longer to get into the top 10.

  • scoreboard

    Looks like it got buried. What a bunch of jackasses.

  • Brajeshwar

    I think it took me about a month and half to hit the top 100 (calculated from my serious digging and first front page article). However, after that has become extremely tough now to go higher up. Unless you’re very dedicated, it is hard to reach the top.

  • Oli

    By the time of his last submission though (roughly 50 days ago) he was, more importantly the most hated digg user.
    Every thread of his was getting bury-bombed because people believed him to be gaming the system to get things dugg.
    As his “success” followed the “cash for diggs” fiascos, I can’t blame people for thinking he was going all out to get a top-spot to sell.
    Digg should not be about competing like this. There should not be a ranking system at all. It just encourages people to spam lots and lots of stuff hoping that it gets to the front page, regardless of dupes, etc.
    Digg needs fewer robots and more real people.

  • garyganu

    So he did all that work just to quit? Doesn’t seem like something I would like to waste my time on.

  • Neil Patel

    Yea, he quit because it took up a lot of his time and he was tired of Digg [changing their algorithm](

  • kelvin newman

    It’s amazing the amount of time it seems to require to reach that level within digg, especially with seemingly no financial reward.

  • Matt

    He probably had to work more than a few hours each day to grow that quickly!