How to Acquire Positive Customer Feedback for Your Business

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It is always a great feeling for an entrepreneur to receive positive feedback from his or her customers. What makes it good is the fact that businesses can take advantage of these recommendations to strengthen their brand’s credibility with other consumers.

Consider Your Assets

Apparently, you cannot generate good reviews unless you have happy customers to write about your products. Furthermore, asking for feedback won’t cover any bad first impression that your business already has. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that any issues bothering your customer must be resolved first.

Ask Politely

Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for a product review after every transaction. But don’t just get good reviews. You have to acquire both types of customer feedback. Ask politely and let them know that their opinions matter for your business.

Respond to Feedbacks Personally and Immediately

Things can get worse if you will fire back at the customer because of his or her negative feedback. The key here is to analyze the problem and resolve it. It would also be ideal if you directly respond to negative feedback rather than doing it online. Properly acknowledge warranted feedback and apologize for what happened, and reward any thoughtful or constructive feedback. Acting quickly and accordingly can turn a negative review into something positive.

Have User-friendly Customer Feedback Section

If you want to acquire product review from your customers, you have to make sure that it won’t be difficult for them to give their input. Take into account the process that each customer will undergo just to send his or her product review. Failure to do so can give a bad implication with your brand despite providing a superb service.

Establish Your Web Presence

Reviews can either make or break your brand online. You might miss a lot if your business doesn’t have a web presence. Establishing your business’ online presence can help you track what people are saying about your brand, since there are customers who always share their thoughts about your products even without prompting.


You should also remember that acquiring customer feedback is a numbers game. While your business can generate many product reviews, not all of them are a pat on your back. Even if you’re offering the best products or services, there will always be complainant. Therefore, you have to ensure that your business mostly generates positive feedback. Remember: It’s better to have ten reviews, seven positive ones and three negative ones, than just a single negative review.

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