How Do You Spread the Word on Social Media?

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Most people seem to agree that social media is a powerful, functional and simple tool that can be used to great effect for marketing. With the introduction of viral content on the web, it has become more effective than ever. Not to mention the ease of which people and companies create recognizable brands in ways that were one only possible for larger businesses before the creation of wider ecommerce and social sharing on the web.

You will occasionally come across someone who will claim that social media marketing is useless. I am personally convinced that this is because they have never figured out how to use it in a proper manner. Any company that has used social media well will tell you about the increase in visibility, brand recognition and customer feedback they have seen since creating a marketing campaign.

Is It Right For Me?

The short answer: Yes. From small, local bands to huge corporations, social media is a readymade way to get the word out and have a continued dialogue with your target audience. It takes a little time and effort, but anyone can start seeing a real difference in the first few months.

How to Get the Buzz Going

How to Get the Buzz Going

What you need is to generate a buzz that will stretch outward and expand through user sharing. But that is a harder thing to accomplish for smaller companies or individuals than it is for large companies that already have the public or media’s eye. For example, all Apple, Microsoft or Google have to do is create a press release and it takes on a life of its own.

In order to achieve this yourself, you need to know how to fully expand the potential of your message, using proper multipliers. This is a service that will take your content and pass it on to affiliates that will send it to various relevant networks. Each service will rely on “influencers” who help to share information around the web. Some are more of a trading service that asks for you to return the favor.

Of course, there are other social media companies that will add this in as part of their campaign while offering other services. This might include general link sharing, content creation, SEO targeting and more.

Media Multiplier and Social Media Companies

An Ant’s View

An Ant's View

Boasting a couple dozen experienced and dedicated employees, An Ant’s View is a popular and well established social media marketing company that specializes in analytical data and finding key social contributors who will help to expand your reach. They use a simple but in-depth three-point system and have worked with companies such as Google, Cisco and HP.


Located in the UK, this is social media buzz on a global plane. You essentially take your campaign, publish it into their locked system and allow them to filter the information to a list of publishers relevant to your target audience. You only pay for what is published, though it can get a bit costly.



If you are on a limited budget, this site is the way to go. It works by sharing posts with people who are within your niche. You agree to pass on their information and they do the same with you, making you casual affiliates. It is free to do this, but if you want to spread the word without sharing, you can get a paid account that will also work with other niches.



Here you just sign up, create a team of “stakeholders” or influencers, and they then share you out to their friends, family and the web at large. You then analyze the date of this process, align your social media campaign and make changes to better target your approach.


Social media marketing is an involved but ultimately effective process that anyone can do. Whether you are promoting a company or yourself, you can get a lot from the experience alone. Find out more today.

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