How Conde Nast is Using Reddit

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Over the past few months it has become clearer how Conde Nast plans to integrate Reddit functionality into his extensive media empire. Still, was the purchase worth it?
As an example of this implementation, take a look at a recent checklist of must-eat restaurants on Concierge, Conde Nast’s travel site:
Concierge (and even some of their other properties, including Wired) begins with editorially created content, then allows users to add their own recommendations, and then lets everyone rank all the recommendations against each other to create a definitive list. The entries made by Concierge are marked with a little button indicating that the site has more information on that entry. Not only does this increase user engagement on these sites but this may also help Reddit in the long-run.
Not only does this increase user engagement on these sites but this may also help Reddit in the long-run. Here are some ways that Conde Nast may employ Reddit in the days to come:
1. A mix of options: As a result, there is a healthy mix of editorially created content, along with the option of user-generated and socially driven content. The visitors that just want to read can look for the submissions with the label (indicating editorial content) and the rest can interact as they want.
2. A stepping stone: This kind of implementation on editorially controlled sites may actually provide readers who are unfamiliar with the concept of social media with a stepping stone to help them start using Reddit.
3. Advertising network: In the long-run the purchase may just pay for itself with the highly-targeted audience Conde Nast Publications can advertise their different magazines and e-zines to through Reddit.

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