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Honestly, I’m not quite sure what to make of the news that is going to offer ad space on their website. I can’t figure out if this is a smart move or completely lame. On one hand it seems just flat out ridiculous to drive traffic away from a retail site. On the other hand I can see this as a benefit for Home Depot’s customers.
The reason I think this benefits the users is that the ads will be
targeted and customers can learn more about the products they’re about
to purchase. For example, if I’m on a page about to purchase a new Moen faucet I can click the Moen ad to learn more about the product or company.

Our goal is to allow a few key vendor partners the
opportunity to educate millions of home improvement consumers about
their distinctive and innovative products

Because the advertisers get their own branded pages within the site it’s not quite as bad as completely driving customers away from the HD site. But having done work for some major ecommerce sites I can tell you the last thing you ever want to do is drive a customer away from the sale. These ecommerce sites are spending a ton of money to get consumers to their websites.
Looking at the big picture, I have to ask, is doing this
because their sales are down or are they just getting greedy and trying to make a buck anyway they can? This is definitely a bold move by Home Depot either way you look at it. After carefully thinking this one through I’ve come to the conclusion this is a bad move. If they really want to offer their customers more they should produce the content themselves, not sell out to the highest bidder.
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  • Steven Ametjan

    Are their customers really going to care? I would think that just about any DIYer that is using the site to order supplies is just like most other people that use the web a lot and are immune to most ads.
    The only way I see this being anything worth noting would be if they planned on selling ads to a competing product… So if you’re about ready to buy a Moen faucet, and an ad for a Kohler faucet is displayed on the page, showing the reasons why their product is better than the Moen, will it be enough to sway you to purchase a different, possibly higher-priced faucet than the one you were already viewing?

  • Cameron

    Steven, I hear you, but you don’t want to disrupt a customer when they are about to make a purchase. You also have to think about why Home Depot is doing this rather than producing better content themselves.