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Last week I noticed that MyBlogLog had a [bug](https://www.searchenginejournal.com/?p=4168) which allowed people to comment on behalf of other MyBlogLog users and create communities that do not belong to them. This week it seems like the hijacking has begun…

It is actually quite funny (as long as it does not happen to you); people can create a community around someone’s website and cause harm by putting up funny / malicious pictures and messages. The community in the picture above is the [SEOmoz community](http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/SEOmoz/) that I am pretty sure [Rand Fishkin](http://www.seomoz.org/randfish.php) did not create especially because that funny picture of the caveman is not of someone from the [SEOmoz crew](http://www.seomoz.org/about.php).
MyBlogLog is going to have to start placing precautions on company brand names and website names or else these companies will start being affected in a negative way. If MyBlogLog does not stop this, who knows what crazy things will happen next… maybe people will begin to start finding ways to monetize these hijacked communities.

Neil Patel
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  • Good find Neil. I saw this the other day, and thought the caveman looked like Rand (sort of) so I joined this and the other SEOmoz community. 🙂 Very interesting!

  • ROFL! Hopefully Rand doesn’t see your comment.

  • Rhea

    Wow, good call. I know Loren had a harmless situation with ownership of the domain, I could see this being a big deal for others. I wonder what blogs haven’t signed up yet…hmmm. JK.

  • Interesting… Actually years ago I was an active member on a certain forum, to the point that I would post substantially more than the actual admin (I believe he took interest in other projects). At some point people began to think that I was the one in charge of the website, and I proceeded to tell the entire userbase to switch over to my (newly established) forum.
    Point of the story? It’s fairly easy to ‘hijack’

  • Just noticed this myself when trying to join the SEOmoz community.
    I think there should be some sort of verification placed on the community domain to verify the site belongs to the profile.

  • As you can see i had some fun joining a few seconds before Cameron did 😉

  • Nice catch. You got my comment before the cheapseo deleted. Later on he added shoemoney, oilman and another blog. All gone now though but the bug still exists.

  • Loren Baker

    Looks like Randfish claimed the community, and its 44 members!

  • Yea, it seems Rand, Shoe and a few others got back their community.

  • I have seen these around a lot lately on my favorite blogs (Boing Boing and such) and I can say that I prefer them over banners or popups. I actually look at these.

  • XD I just realized I made a comment on the wrong post