Harlem Shake vs. Gangnam Style

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For our latest infographic at Ghergich & Co., we wanted to have a little fun and take advantage of Topsy’s analytics tool. We focused our attention on the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style videos to see if Social Media could predict which viral craze would be more popular. Our goal was to compare various factors including the total number of tweets, peak performance dates, and positive and negative reactions, all within the first 30-day launch period for each. At first our team looked at actual video statistics, but they were very fragmented due to the viral nature and sheer number of videos being produced. In the end we found Twitter to be the perfect social media outlet, and Topsy to be extremely helpful in our task.

While the Harlem Shake video kicked major butt when it came to overall exposure, with a whopping 13.5 million total tweets (vs. a respectable 178K tweets for Gangnam Style), we also learned about differences in popularity among various countries. For instance data from our Topsy analysis showed that the Harlem Shake rose to popularity in the United States, followed by Indonesia, Brazil, France, and Spain, while Gangnam Style of course originated in South Korea, and then expanded to the U.S, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It was interesting to see where the two overlapped, for instance in the Netherlands and Brazil, where they obviously have awesome taste in music.

Another point of interest was learning how people were talking about each video on Twitter, whether positively or negatively. We discovered that Gangnam Style actually had a higher percentage of positive reactions (80% of total, vs 66% for the Harlem Shake), however with more people tweeting about the Harlem Shake, there was bound to be some disparity in their reactions.

As I mentioned in our blog, we had entirely too much fun making this infographic, and we were pretty surprised at the results. We’re really looking forward to seeing which viral videos will make it to the next Twitter Showdown.”

Harlem Shake Vs Gangnam Style Ultimate Twitter Showdown
Infographic by Ghergich & Co.


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  • Zulhilmi Zainudin

    Very cool infographic. Here in Malaysia, Gangnam Style is more popular.

  • A.J. Ghergich

    Hey Thanks Zulhilmi glad you liked the infographic!

  • Kees

    Wow, awesome infographic. Quite strange to see Gangnam style has more positive reactions because all those Harlem Shakes are really creative and need originality. Maybe because people don’t like all the copycats that they get more negative reactions.

  • ikey

    harlem shake is way better than gangman style espcially the remix. Since gangman style you do a certain boring dance , but the harlem shake you exspress and dance however you want.,