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Have you ever wondered how many domain names Google owns? Currently Google owns 520 domain names. Their domain collection has been growing over the last couple years because of all of the companies they started and have bought. Some of these domain names are not in Google’s name, but in the company’s name that they purchased. If you see any domains missing or inaccuracies, feel free and leave a comment.
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Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.
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  • noah kagan

    great info. how did you collect this?

  • Neil Patel

    I searched the web as well as used a domain lookup tool.

  • TaeBoX

    I wonder why they didn’t get Great list.

  • shoogy

    And why didn’t you make these links clickable?

  • Jonnoob

    You are missing

  • Edvard

    You are also missing

  • Glen

    Most combinations of Google with multiple o’s are theirs as well. 5 o’s – is the most that they have.

  • Chanpory

    Wow, I can’t wait for to see google-powered androids that can search, translate, take pictures, give me directions, and make toast!

  • monvillalon

    There are a lot of domains missing. Especially the
    Country Code Top level domains for example ( Puerto Rico) ( Canada ) ( China )
    In some of the ccTLDS they have more than registered.
    I admire your efforts anyways this is not an easy task.

  • Lard Sandwich

    The number or “porn” -containing names is truly amazing.

  • seo

  • Sasidhar

    Nice list !
    Can I ask you what domain look-up tool you used to get this list???

  • andy —>>> are they finally able to come out and say what their true plan was all along?

  • kaptiso

    Lard Sandwich: obviously they don’t want some adult site to register the domain before they do.

  • Iresh for Sri Lankans is not in the list

  • Neil Patel

    Wow! Thanks for all the comments. I will update the list to reflect all the domains that I missed.


  • Tom is owned by a loan company in the UK, not google.
    Makes the rest of the comedy names seem a little suspect?

  • Nicolai
    What could they possibly be planning for that one?
    Insert tongue in cheek.

  • Neil Patel

    Tom, will look into that one and make the changes.

    Nicolai, I doubt they will ever do anything with that domain name. I’m sure they are just protecting themselves.

  • Tijmen

  • biwook

    Mmmmh, are you sure for ? It actually displays a “hosted by yahoo” logo :p

  • pushkin

    Oops. is not owned by google but points there

  • Eike

    very funny 😀
    your missing

  • Keith

    Eventually if Google were to own all those domain names, the rest of the world would run out of domain names to use… Can we stop Google from monopolising using these tricks?

  • Brandon Helwig

    List has no credibility.
    I don’t think half of these domains are actually owned by google. This one is owned by a company called Data Docket Inc.
    It does not redirect to gogole calendar as I expected, it is a page that is not at all “google-esque”


    Todos los dominios de Google

    Google tiene registrados la friolera de 520 dominios. He aqu?ɬ? la lista completa.

  • guang

  • Pierce registration says nothing about google..
    btw google only uses network solutions too, so any other register is most likely a false registered information

  • Nipon — they hav even bought this. Preventive measure!

  • TDub


  • segv

    They also own “” and “”

  • Philipp Lenssen

    I did some cross-checks and some domains you listed are not owned by Google? (E.g.,, but I only checked these 2 domains.)

  • 3v0

    You’re missing,
    Very nice though.

  • raj

    Neil, u better rush in with some ‘ads by Google’ ..yr gonna make a killing being dugg 🙂

  • Tony Ruscoe

    Note: It’s misleading to say Google own all these domains as this list also includes domains that aren’t owned by Google but still point to a Google IP address.

  • jigsh is also missing

  • Squee

    You missed and any variations thereof.

  • Edd

    I think you should remove, or at least amend this blog post to reflect that this is *not* a list of domains owned by Google. It is simply a list of domains that point to Google’s server. Anyone could register a domain and point it at’s IP address.

  • otsego

    You missed

  • Neil Patel

    Thank you everyone for helping make the list more accurate.

  • arcadi

    You missed

  • Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII

    For those who are mentioning that the domains that do not say they are actually owned by Google in the WHOIS information should realize that Google buys a lot of small companies. These events rarely, if ever, hit the news. These are small startups with maybe 1, 2, or 3 employees. If these companies own domain names, the domain names come as part of the sale. So, just because the WHOIS information doesn’t mention Google… and, even in some cases, even if the domain name points to servers OTHER than Google… and shows something “non-Google-esque”… this does not necessarily mean it is not owned by Google. Of course, likewise, the opposite is true. Just because the domain points to Google’s servers does not necessarily mean the domain is owned by Google. This helps to keep things a mystery. Add this to the fact that Google is technically a domain registrar, so they could register domain names through their own registration system under an alternative name.

  • Bernard

    You missed some:,
    And other google homepages for specific countries.

  • Petr or some other national domains are missing too

  • Daddy Hal

    Great list! WOW!! It would be interesting to learn about all of the domains that Microsoft owns too.
    Hint, hint..

  • Tony Ruscoe

    Some of these domain names are not in Google’s name, but in the company’s name that they purchased.

    And some of these domains are registered in the names of the people that registered them and aren’t related to Google at all.

  • Online Safe Deposit Box

    It’s many fewer domains that I would have expected them to have.

  • Kellie

    Actually, Google uses MarkMonitor. There is no way that is there’s. It’s just been registered by someone and pointed there.

  • Jonathan

    The list seems a bit out of date though…they don’t own anymore, another guy does in Palo Alto.

  • lindsay is not property of google!

  • dmm for those in Indonesia

  • Anna Sebastian

    Hello Neil, another missing bit (though the list of URLs pointing at Google is definitely interesting):, formerly owned by a Hungarian search engine, has just been given back to Google (recent news in Hungary). Cheers, and good updating,
    Anna Sebesty?

  • Osman 😛 yok b?ɬ?yle bir adres. ehuheuheu… ba?

  • Michael is missing too.

  • J

    You’ve missed

  • stiff

    stop Please… use google for further learning

  • Paddy (Switzerland)
    Probably the same story for nearly all Top Level Domains.

  • Via

    This is a cool list. I will add it to the cool stuff at http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com
    Thanks for putting it together.

  • Neil Patel

    I know there have been some inaccuracies in the list, but I wanted to take a crack at it. The only people that know all the domains that Google owns is Google. I do appreciate everyone helping out and giving suggestions. Thanks for all your help.

  • brandon

    MarkMonitor, what they do is protect a company’s integrity online by registering these domain names FOR google, so no one else can. will tell you “” is owned by Google Inc. but is registered by MarkMonitor. This way, no one else can register GOOGLEPORN and ruin the reputation of Google. Clearly, the same goes for, they are not going to want sites with such names existing, so they snatch them up first.

  • Vidura

    This is cool but what Google can do with this amount of domains?

  • Bruno (, domain for El Salvador, a country in Central America)
    and as far as I know, there is and so on… for each country’s domain 🙂

  • Dominero

    I also have a similar list. but i think what you need to include more domains, for example, google owns many idn domains, in japanese, chinese, etc.
    anyway thats another good list you have here.

  • dave

    yeah, but only one dude – and NOT elgoog – owns:>

    …and some others 😉

  • TelandWeb

    The country domains

  • http://www.china-WOLF.NET carlos

    No se puede con,para ellos no hay reglas….

  • Brian Malow

    I think you left out, which forwards to .

  • Dan Grossman was mine until they sent their lawyers after me 🙁

  • Bashar

    hmm seems not a valid list, i noticed isn’t a google domain
    kinda fishy

  • Brandon is also owned by google 😛

  • Rio
    you might want to see all the country listand by the way, did google win the gmail? I thought 2 companies registered gmail as their domain.

  • Howdy

    hello (.com) via picasa i think

  • Thomas

    thx very much i will link you on my seo blog. very interesting. thx for the hard work

  • google chance which provides Ukrainian users with google service does not appear in this list. I hope this will be helpful.

  • Ilko

    Why does google need those digital domains ?

  • Shulian

    I think you are missing

  • macosbrain

    nice list but how do you get this? manual “by hand” or do you take a script?

  • Neil Patel

    Macosbrain, manually and by domain tools.

  • Matt

    Don’t google also own now?

  • Neil Patel

    Yep, Google also owns

  • Steve

    Youtube is absolutely google now. I love how google has to buy (company) domains too…just in case.