Google Ventures into Fashion with the Acquisition

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Fashion and trends are some of the most popular and frequently-searched topics on the Internet. Whether it’s the latest on Hollywood celebrities and what they’re wearing or the executive finding the right power-suit, fashion definitely has a solid footing in consumer spending. With trends and fashions changing at record rates, sometimes as frequently as daily, it makes perfect sense for any business to get on board of the fast-moving, high-profit fashion train. And that’s exactly what Google has done.

This week, Google acquired the fashionable site, as it has taken steps to position itself in the fashion community with its new launch. According to their executives, this new acquisition in the fashion arena will offer customers “a personalized shopping experience that lets you find and discover fashion goods.”

So how and what will Google do to differentiate from the intense competition that already exists in the industry?

Google took their new business idea to the masses and asked their opinions. They assimilated a group of various people with different styles, types, tastes, preferences, etc. to get their input and opinions on fashion. This collection of information is what Google will and has used on the site at to formulate a visually attractive, fashionably current site to attract and retain customers.

And best of all, it doesn’t seem Google-like.

That doesn’t mean that the site not being Google-like is a good, or bad quality. It just means that the site will get to stand on its own and gain a following based off its own merits, and not because it’s Google-connected. Yes, it is advertised-based in its business model and yes, it will charge merchants to include their products on their websites. That’s just good business. But it will be very interesting to see how Google fares in the fashion industry and how they will use their mega resources to grow their newly-acquired business in a fiercely-competitive industry.

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