Google Product Search is Now Google Shopping

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From Google Product Search, it will be renamed to Google Shopping. Other than the name, it will also impose a new business model wherein merchants have to pay in order to be listed.

Although the new Google Shopping can improve the user search experience, it is also likely to raise new worries that the search engine giant might also cut free listing from its other unit. Regardless, Vice President of Product Management for Google Shopping Sameer Samat, pointed out: “This is about delivering the best answers for people searching for products and helping connect merchants with the right customers.”

What Merchants Should Expect in Google Shopping

Google will run various experiments on its search engine, and they will start by merging Google Product Listing Ads and Google Product Search together. As of the moment, the traditional AdWords text is found above and at the right side of the search engine result page. This also includes the ads listings that show a product’s thumbnail image.

The SERP also provides “free” listing from websites that were crawled by search engine bots, as well as those from Google Product Search. But these listings will be combined on the new Google Shopping box. Thus, it is most likely that only one product thumbnail will appear on SERPs once the new business model rolls out.

What Google Shopping Means for Merchants

Google Product Search currently gets its listings from websites that were crawled by their search engine bots or by retailers submitting their data through Google Merchant Center. The search engine giant doesn’t charge a single cent from it, although that will come to its end soon.

However, merchants can still continue listing their products on the SERPs, although they need to shell out some cash if they want to appear on a dedicated shopping search result. By doing so, they are sure that their products will appear to the right customer.

By adding a paid inclusion program, it appears that Google is shifting towards the industry standard when it comes to online shopping. But this could also mean that other search engines must disclose the paid relationships that they have. It is not just the need to potentially raise a bar, the search engine giant is also trying to find the balance between delivering a comprehensive result and removing the junk that doesn’t give enough signal.


Google said that they are still experimenting on the Google Shopping as of the moment, but it will go full steam this summer. By fall of this year, the Google Product Search will be renamed entirely in the United States, and it will roll out to other parts of the world next year.

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