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Google is expanding its social search features yet again. This time, they’re promoting the posts made on Google+. However, the posts will only be visible if they were set as public and if the searcher is connected to the original poster on Google+.

How the Post Pulling Works

For the post to pull into the Google search results, a few things have to be true:

  • The searcher must be logged into their Google account.
  • The Google account has to be attached to Google+.
  • The search term has to be directly relevant to the title and content of the Google+ post.
  • The post has to be public.
  • The searcher has to be connected to the Google+ poster via Google Circles.

Here’s what the imported result looks like:

Users can then click on the title of the content to visit the link that the original poster mentioned, check out the original post on Google+, or check out the user profile of the original poster.

The New Google Realtime Search

Just over a month ago, Google halted its specialized Realtime search feature. Realtime pulled information from publicly accessible social posts, especially those on Twitter. However, Google relied on an agreement with Twitter to get access to the data as it happened. Realtime results could be searched by the user, and would sometimes appear on the normal SERP if the user’s query was relevant to a current news story. However, Realtime was shut down when Twitter and Google decided not to re-up their agreement.

Google announced that they would be re-establishing Realtime with the help of Google+ postings. Whether this new visibility on the search results page qualifies as the new version of Realtime has yet to be confirmed.

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