Google+ Heading Toward Second Place

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Google+ has only been out for approximately six weeks, but it’s already made more than a small splash. Industry experts have shown ways that Google+ may begin breaking into Facebook’s kingdom and snatching away citizens, and current survey results shows that Google+ will be the second most popular social network within twelve months.

Google’s Growing Market Penetration

According to YouGov, Google+ already has a 13 percent market penetration, and many additional users are waiting in line to join. Thanks to the “invitation only” mechanism being used, Google+ is still scaling up gradually to meet the demands for its service. YouGov’s survey, which looked at a representative group of U.S. internet users, shows that nine percent are planning to adopt Google+ within the next year.

That nine percent brings Google+ to second place, above Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace. Twitter and LinkedIn would trail just a small ways behind, each ranking at 20 percent market penetration, according to the survey. However, Plus may not be getting all the credit it deserves. Once users are active on the site on a regular basis and adoption has increased to the 20 percent range, there’s likely to be a “snowball effect,” where invites to the network become more frequent and gain more impact.

Businesses may also have an important role to play. Once Google releases its business profiles (they’re currently on the “fast track” for development, and are expected by the end of the year), businesses may also prompt users to join Google+ to take advantage of special offers, interact with the brand, and otherwise build a relationship. Meanwhile, Google’s current choice of not allowing advertisements on the site provides a powerful incentive for users to hop on board.

[Sources include: YouGov & Tech Crunch]

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