Google and Microsoft Duke It Out over Email

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Microsoft and Google have long warred over productivity software, with Microsoft most recently pitching Office 365 against Google Apps. Now the war for email dominance is starting to get ugly, with both companies releasing ads that bash on their competitor.

Google Pushes for Email Interventions

Gmail Intervention

Gmail Intervention

Users of Gmail are being enlisted to convert their friends with a new ad campaign that features an “intervention kit.” The video advertisement prompts users to help their friends abandon “embarrassing email addresses,” letting their old email address stay in the past alongside other relics of eras gone by – such as scrunchies, VHS tapes, and Walkmans. The video then goes into the advantages of Gmail, focusing on the video chatting, free phone calls, and protection from spam. You check out the full video here.

In addition to providing the video, Google has set up the site, which allows users to send customized Gmail invitations that are accompanied by an additional video, setup instructions, and a Gmail sales pitch.

Microsoft’s “Gmail Man”


Microsoft's Gmail Man

Microsoft's Gmail Man

Microsoft took a much more direct route in bashing on Gmail, creating an ad that depicts Gmail as if it were a real postman. The postman is shown reading through the emails of users, then delivering the email along with ads to the recipients. The various recipients become angry with Gmail Man, and several accuse his snooping of being immoral. Gmail Man responds by saying he doesn’t care.

Microsoft closes off the advertisement by telling users that Microsoft Office 365 is the better solution for their organization. Presumably, other advertisements will cover the benefits of Office 365 when it comes to email, but this ad campaign is focused exclusively on privacy and ad concerns with Gmail.

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