Google AdWords Introduces Enhanced Sitelinks

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Google’s sitelinks are said to deliver 30% higher click-through rates compared to traditional ads. In relation to this, they are continuously looking for ways on how to enhance it. Last February 14, they’ve unveiled one of their strongest performing experiments: The enhanced sitelinks.

What is Enhanced Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are links to your website’s other pages that appear under the search engine result, aside from your main landing page. In enhanced sitelinks, it searches text ads that make sense in your account, and combine it with relevant sitelinks in your campaign. In turn, people will see useful and relevant ads, while advertisers can have significantly higher CTR.

How Enhanced Sitelinks Works

As posted on Google AdWords’ Help Center:

“In some cases, we might automatically enhance your sitelinks with additional information that you’ve provided about those pages from your website, for example, from various ads in your account. By showing additional information with your sitelinks, your ads can be more relevant to potential customers.”

However, a campaign will only have enhanced sitelinks if it meets specific criteria:

  • Existing ads that show two or three lines of sitelinks must appear at the top of Google search results.
  • An account must have other ads that match the sitelinks.

It’s also noteworthy that sitelinks are enhanced based on the provided information. Hence, brands are in control of the information incorporated onto the sitelinks.

Analysis and Report

Using the Ad extensions tab, brands can analyze the performance of their ads that have sitelinks. From a campaign’s tab, just click the “Segment” drop down menu, and select “Click Type”.

On the other hand, a click on a sitelink costs the same as the click on the display URL of a similar ad. This means that brands are charged the same amount regardless where a user clicks on an ad. However, a quick click on multiple links on an ad is treated as a duplicate and is considered invalid.

Benefits of Ad Sitelinks

Sitelinks give users more options, by letting them see and visit key sections of a brand’s website. For brands, the good thing about it is that they no longer need to create new text ads just to come up with a sitelink for their campaign. It’s automatically made once activated from a campaign’s setting page. Moreover, advertisers can easily change the link texts and URLs anytime, keeping their ads up-to-date for their latest offerings. To put it simply, brands offer their websites more exposure by providing relevant ads to their visitors.

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