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A new software company, Spiceworks, is aiming to bring Google Adsense ads to your desktop. The startup is launching free software that will monitor the networks of small to medium sized businesses; they plan to make revenue from displaying Google ads on your desktop.
I’ll admit that the software seems impressive and right on par with what we’d expect in the web 2.0 era, but I can’t help think the ads are anything but adware. It reminds me of the popular Gator adware that would install on your desktop and show little relevant ads in the lower right corner when you came across certain websites. It was extremely annoying and hated by many. I really don’t see how this will be much different considering the ads will be displayed in a very similar manner.
I may very well be wrong though, according to CNET the software maker has been testing the ads on beta users and rather than call them an annoyance they’re asking for more.
In addition to the similarities of adware programs like Gator there are a couple other reasons why I don’t see this working. First, if this software is targeted to small and medium sized businesses why don’t they come up with paid plan similar to 37signals? I can’t imagine any business large or small making a fuss over $10-$20 per month, especially with something as important as your network is on the line. Second, the last thing we need is more advertising being pushed on us. Even if this is contextual advertising that doesn’t mean we want more of it.
Being a small business owner myself I would rather opt for paid software. The last thing I want getting in the way of my work is advertisements.

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