Google Adds the "Inside Search" Blog

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Those who pay close attention to the world of search are likely aware that Google, far more than any other tech company, uses its blogging resources to give information to the public. Beyond its Official Google Blog, the company runs a blog for almost every product as well as a blog for their non-profit actions, one for their open source efforts, one for their political actions, and one for almost every country where they operate. The total list of Google blogs is certainly lengthy.

It’s a bit strange, then, that one particular service has never had a blog of its own: search. Despite the fact that Google makes more than one algorithm change per day on average, adds new features such as recipe searching and social search, frequently updates its mobile capabilities, and makes major algorithm shifts roughly twice per year, information on such changes hadn’t been collected in a single location. Rather, it was spread pell-mell across the Official Google Blog, the Webmaster Help Center, the Search Help Center, the Webmaster Central Blog, the Google Mobile Blog, and other tangentially related web locales.

Well, Google has just opened up a new blog called “Inside Search,” and it’s dedicated to the SERP’s features, algorithm changes, experiments, and the Google search team. While it’s not likely that Google will update with every tweak, this will be an ideal resource to track if you’re a webmaster, SEO guru, or simply a search engine enthusiast. The justification for keeping search updates inside the webmaster resources and official blog once made sense; Google started as just a search company, so everything “official” was once search-centric. With Google’s rapidly expanding grasp and massive technological power, that’s no longer the case, which is why the search industry responded to Google’s announcement of the new blog with a resounding, “It’s about damn time.”

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