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Last week in a post I wrote about some YouTube viral campaigns I highlighted the “Holiday Wishcast” from Coke. In the article I mentioned how I didn’t like that Coke was using actual Coke commercials and I didn’t think it would have success because of the blatant promotion of Coke. Today I came across another holiday campaign from OfficeMax called “Elfyourself”. The purpose is to paste your picture on the body of the elf; the elf will then dance around and sing. You can then send it off to your family or friends.

This is a great viral campaign. Why? Because it’s all about you and not all about OfficeMax’s brand. I actually spent quite a bit of time this morning playing around with Elfyourself. I had the whole family huddled around my laptop taking turns with each of our faces pasted on the elf. We pretty much laughed the whole time and ended up sending several of them out to family and friends. If you’re interested you can watch my little clip.
Update: It’s not a bad piece of linkbait either, over 183,000 links to date.
[via: Steve Rubel]

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