Global Hotel Exchange Gives Impetus Back to Hoteliers

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Hoteliers across the world are eagerly anticipating next month’s launch of Global Hotel Exchange (GHX), a ground-breaking new trading platform that promises to redefine the landscape for online bookings, putting hotels back in control with an emphasis firmly on hotel/customer relationships.

GHX, with its unique ‘owner-centric’ features, will ensure that hotels regain full control of all customer data and money collections, finally wrestling the impetus away from online travel agencies (OTAs).

The concept behind GHX is that hotels will once again own their guests, resuming a service relationship between hotels and customers that had become virtually non-existent with the emergence of OTAs. Unlike other booking platforms, GHX will not collect a commission from the hotel. Room rates, taxes and all other expenses will be paid to hotels directly at checkout, with GHX handling all booking processes.

For hotel owners, GHX provides a range of benefits that OTAs simply cannot compete with – the platform is totally free, with zero commissions, royalties, merchant discounts or distribution fees charged to hotels. Furthermore, hotels that sign up with GHX are guaranteed exposure on a global scale, through a relentless marketing campaign that incorporates both search engine and social media marketing, with each hotel featured on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to name just a few.

Best of all, hotels will finally have a chance to build customer loyalty in their brand, as GHX stakes no claim over their customers. Once a guest confirms a booking, that guest belongs to the hotel, meaning hotels are free to be as flexible and courteous as they desire when it come to cancellations and room requests. The days of frustrating, pre-paid, and inflexible hotel bookings so commonly seen on OTAs will finally be consigned to the history books where they belong.

For hotel guests, GHX offers the basic advantage of fair ‘market-based pricing’, a quick and easy, totally transparent way to book hotels at a reasonable price. Designed with simplicity in mind, ‘market-based pricing’ answers the question on every consumer’s lips: “What is today’s rate compared with last year’s?”

Each room rate listed is set against a market specific 12 month high/low rate according to room and hotel type, providing a transparent cost comparison that ensures consumers have full confidence in GHX to find the best prices.

The booking process itself couldn’t be easier – consumers search hotels according to specific destinations, attractions, star ratings and dates – GHX then pulls up a complete list of suitable hotels that meet consumer’s needs in every way.

Consumers also gain equal benefit from the newly re-established hotel/customer relationship. With payments received directly by hotels, guests are welcomed directly and ensured of all the flexibility with regards to booking changes that that will entail.

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Ann Smarty

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