Getting Viral With Bob Dylan

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It seems that to promote his latest album, team Dylan has gone viral, and it all started three weeks ago when a friend of mine used the Bob Dylan custom message generator to send me a message.
The tool is really well designed and fun to use and in fact after watching that message I sent 3 of my own to some of my other friends.

There are 10 sheets for you to write a message on, followed by a few sheets advertising the upcoming release. What’s great about this tool is that it’s fun to use and accompanied by catchy music that makes you want to propagate it, and ultimately you end up advertising the album for free. Furthermore, TechEnlightenment has gone ahead and made a facebook application out of it, that let’s you create and post custom messages on your profile.

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  • In terms of viral marketing, I think this is brilliant. In terms of Bob Dylan, I think it’s a strange match for his brand, but I suppose he’s been doing a lot of things to promote his work over the last several years that haven’t seemed consistent with the brand he created throughout the course of his earlier career. I guess The Times They Are A Changing and Dylan’s changing with them.

  • This was definitely a great idea and I really haven’t seen anyone else on the music scene do anything like this. It’s definitely a great idea for him to market his work though.

  • This is either the worst idea or the best. Who are they targeting?
    Im rather dubious to the idea that ‘traditional’ Dylan fans will care about sending viral messages. My folks struggle to even check their email.
    Then again, this could be a ploy to attract a new breed of fans. If that is the case, I would hope that the additional promotion in conjunction with this tool is razor sharp targeted to X’s and Y’s. This fun email wont have any legs as a stand alone.