Getting On Digg Is Federleezee

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People are [trying all kinds of methods]( to make the Digg homepage but it seems that Kevin Federline has just beaten them all to the punch. Today, a [story]( about Mr. Federline being offered a job at Taco Bell made the homepage and it did extremely with well over 1000 diggs. Here are a few things we all can learn about Digg from Kevin:
1. Diggers love dumb humor – there is nothing dumber or funnier than Kevin Federline getting offered a job at Taco Bell.
2. Diggers love to talk trash – one of the main reasons this post did so well is because people love to make jokes about Kevin Federline.
3. Diggers are Average Joes – obviously, most Digg users are not millionaires and they would love to see millionaires have to work just as hard as them. So relate to them and they will digg (vote) your story to the homepage.
If you want to get on the homepage of Digg, take a page out Kevin Federline’s playbook. By doing something unique and unexpected you have a greater chance of making the homepage.

Neil Patel
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