How to Get Rid of Villains in Social Media – Infographic

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A while ago Todd Heim did a great post called “8 Villains of Social Media“. It was awesome and funny and very well received by our readers.

In fact it was so awesome that we invited another guest author to make an infographic based on that post.

Now I am pleased to share the result with you: please let me know what you think!

Note: To embed this infographic to your blog, please use the following code:

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”” width=”537″ height=”2952″ /></a>

{Please click the image to enlarge}

Daniel B. Wesley

Daniel B. Wesley

Daniel B. Wesley

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  • Marvin Double

    Great article very timely and useful information. Loved the illustrated diagram and clever characterisations of so called villains of social media.. Well done

  • Mando Liussi Depaoli

    Hi Daniel,
    Clever tactics, fun infographic. And thanks for giving us the easy-code!
    Just one more thing, I´ll post it but, i´d love to translate it to Spanish first, easy to my community to understand. Obviously, credits and linkbacks will remain intacts!


  • MikeSansone

    Love this one! As said above, thanks for making it easy to share and spread outward!

  • toddheim

    Love it! If only I had the talent to draw… Thanks for this. It made my day!

  • David

    Why is the shameless link dropper portrayed as a black guy, and why does the troll have to look like an eastern European/Russian dude?

  • Trolling

    Lol, troll is a troll looking guy in my eyes, not a eastern european. The black guy is probably black, because one of the dudes has been made black to not exclude the black community. To me, the fact that you noticed a black guy makes you more racist than the creator.

    • David

      Since when is detecting subtle racism a racist trait? Being an ethnic minority my self, I can't help but noticing. There is always people coming up with excuses like we did't want to exclude minorities. Maybe it is unconsciously done, And btw are you suggesting that I my self am a troll? Go figure.

      Maybe you should included this villain:
      “Elitist naive social media snob”
      -No avatar, no name, completely anonymous
      -Using subtle racial slur or unconsciously black and white thinking putting other people in their place
      -When criticised for moral decay, counters by denial and reflecting the argument
      -Calling everyone for backup to ignore the social criticism, because he is one of them

      • Scarab77

        Why is the Emo white? Racism I tell you!

        Why do the Bury Brigade look like hicks? Because the ethnic people have to constantly point out the poorest white people! Oh those racist!

        Why does the Know It All have a beard? I have a beard! This is a personal attack against ME!

        Do you realize what an oversensitive jackass you sound like yet?

  • Cartier Replica wathces

    I had the talent

  • MediaGrow

    This is great and so true the villains of social media, sooner or later we will all ignore them, there is no room for social media idiots,


  • Lou sparx web design

    Guilty complex much?

  • Mercapten

    heheh….just trollin' along…

  • Rob Wilson

    There are definitely villains in social media and it's funny because at some point in your posting life you are likely to be accused of being one! But there are legitimate ones that cause problems consistently. Thanks for the fun graphic! Love the beret 🙂

  • Orlando Web Design

    hey its amazing,great infographic…funny but informative…i like it..:)

  • Prerna

    yes awesome and timely atleast for me personally…thanks

  • Rafael Sangiovanni

    This is great! The only villain missing is The Fanboy, which truthfully could encompass all of these villainous characteristics.

    • Peter Bishop

      I liked the urban dictionary's entries on “fanboy” to understand what this is.

      This seemingly offhanded comment actually helped me look at the categories again. Is the “fanboy” much less prominent than the “skeptic” (using the definition in the graphic) or vice versa?

      The most important thing about the graphic is to help us understand how to defend against each type of social media pollution, and to help reinforce the idea that it is possible to defend against this pollution, even though the solution of “strong moderation” was only suggested as a good defense against the “shameless link dropper.” This is a good reminder to be careful of the hammer of strong moderation, however tempting it may be.

  • Free Xbox Live Codes

    Great article and packed with useful information. Now that really makes sense to me. Thanks man.

  • Peter Bishop

    This is an awesome graphic, but a point that was weak in the original article was the description of the defense for the Bury Brigade: “promoting power users.” I am sure I do not qualify as a power user on any social networking site, but I help run a social networking site, and not only do I not know what this means, but a quick google search left me scratching my head as well. I suspect that an additional few words, even here in the comments could help those of us who do not know what this means.