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The last couple of years have seen the Facebook fan page become an all-important part of any realtor’s marketing strategy. Virtually everyone who is anyone in real estate operates a page on Facebook these days – but just having one isn’t enough. Realtors need to understand what it takes to capture the attention of the millions of Facebook users who are online every single minute of the day.

Choosing a Page Name (carefully)

It’s only possible to do this once, when the page is first set up, so it needs to be done very carefully. Admittedly, this is too late for many realtors, but those just setting up a new Facebook page would do well to consider the keyword phrases they want to rank for.

For most realtors, it’s longtail keyword phrases that lead to the most exposure, something like “Apartments in Upper West Side”. While this may sound a little spammy, it’s what people are searching for and there’s nothing misleading about it, so those who add and share this page are going to be genuinely interested in its content.

Choosing a URL

Once the fan page has secured 25 fans, it’s possible to customize the URL. This needs to be done very carefully, for two reasons. Firstly, a keyword-targeted URL is able to provide lots of SEO juice, but at the same time, it has to be visually appealing as it could end up being posted in many different places. Be warned, once a custom URL has been set, it cannot be changed.

Optimizing the “About” Box

The about box is one of the few places on a Facebook fan page where users are able to add some all-important keyword-rich text.

This space is limited to 250 words, but definitely needs to include the main keywords being targeted. The good thing about this section is that it can be updated whenever necessary, so realtors with older fan pages will be able to edit theirs and make sure this section includes their targeted keywords.

Pack that Info Tab

One of the easiest ways to add content to a Facebook fan page is by jamming as much information as possible into the Info Tab. It’s important that this section isn’t neglected, not only because Facebook users will want to read it to know more about the company or business. It can also be optimized with keywords again, while adding relevant geographical data will surely give it a boost in local search engine rankings.

Get (Inter)Active!

All of that optimization is pointless unless a concerted effort is going to be made to interact with fans. Facebook is all about social interaction, and those pages which accumulate a greater following and encourage more discussion will receive a huge boost in their SEO worth. Users need to invest quite a bit of time, sharing and linking to relevant content, crafting interesting posts to get people talking about (and liking) whatever it is they have to say.

No one said it would be easy, but Facebook is just begging to be exploited by those with the time and patience to learn how to do so.

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