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There are two kinds of passionate social web users. There are those who are passionate about the social media space and want to try out ever single site out there, and then there are others who are passionate about one particular site and stick to it.
I, for example, am a high-ranked user on Digg, and a paid ‘professional social bookmarker’ on Netscape, but at the same time I have a few top-ranked friends from Reddit, and have recently started toying with StumbleUpon. Over time I have made some great friends, with the same interests as mine, but all from different networks. Because a lot of the time these people use one exclusive network or another, had I not been a part of their community, I would never have met them. This is where Explode enters the scene.

Explode is a simple way to connect to all your friends regardless of what [social] network they belong to.

What I love about Explode is that you can search for users (by interests), regardless of what network they belong to. Furthermore, by installing the Explode widget, you can see other users’ comment walls and even track your website traffic for free (like [MyBlogLog](http://www.mybloglog.com)). While the service’s feature set’s resemblance to that of MyBlogLog’s will inevitably draw a lot of comparisons between the two, Explode differentiates itself by focusing on facilitating networking with people across different social networks, more than connecting bloggers and readers.
Thinking about the service, I can’t help but recall Kevin Rose’s statement from the [Future of Web Apps](http://www.futureofwebapps.com/), mentioning the future ability to “export your friend networks”. With the help of Explode, MyBlogLog, and other such measures we can ultimately connect the entire social web, making it truly social.

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