Essential Checklist for Writing Guest Blogs

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Jennifer Moline writes for the PsPrint Blog. PsPrint is an online card printing company.

It’s a share of words, a connection forged between blogs – you’ve been offered the chance to provide content to a site, to express your opinions to a new fellowship. It’s an honor, you’re certain, but also a mild terror.

You fret over the responsibility, trying to keep pace with standards already so well known. You think it will be a challenge to echo them all.

It doesn’t have to be. When writing for others just remember these vital rules of guest blogging:

Understand Content

Phrases aren’t to be used carelessly, flung onto a page without concern. They must instead reflect the intentions of a blog. Be relevant with topics, tailoring them deliberately.

Mimic Tone

Whether laced with analysis or charm, each post is meant to offer a specific style – appealing to readers and distinguishing the blog from its infinite competition. You must blend your writing to match the necessary tone.

Choose Quality

Wishing to hoard your cleverness (and grammatical precision) for your own blog is understandable. Refusing to offer it when you write for others, however, is not. Don’t generate lazy content. Give a true effort, instead, to inspire trust and readership.

Use Personality

With stale words and dull expressions, your articles will become tributes to bland technicalities. Don’t assume all wit must be kept within your own blog. Spice up the content instead with humor and observations.

Favor HTML

The sterile black and white is familiar. It’s also tedious. Use HTML to emphasize words – taking advantage of italics, underlining, and bold choices. Don’t overindulge in these, but utilize them wisely.

Format Correctly

Each blog is shaped differently. Some rely on indentations, others include photographs, and some have seadsheet lines. You must adhere to the appearance of former posts. Use reliable editors to format your work and maintain the desired design.

Link Often

Offering your time to a blog is noble. Separating your article from all others, however, is not. Be certain you link specific phrases and ideas to already formed content. Connect your post to past ones and remind readers to seek them. The purpose is to generate interest.

Always Promote

When your work is done, you aren’t entirely finished. If your article has been submitted and you’re certain there’s nothing more to try, you have forgotten a crucial step. Promote your efforts on your own blog. Encourage your readers to visit and stimulate traffic.

Leave Comments

Silence is a vicious thing. Readers forever seek confirmation that their opinions have been understood and noted. Comment on what’s placed beneath your post and ensure no followers are angered.

The chance to offer yourself to the virtual world is a common one, experienced daily with your own blog. Writing for new sites, however, is an all-too-rare opportunity that demands your complete focus. Use these rules to craft perfect articles and reader-worthy content.

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Ann Smarty

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